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Pelham Art Center

The Pelham Art Center



Pelham Art Center is a nonprofit educational and cultural institution committed to providing public access to see, study and experience the arts, foster lifelong arts appreciation and thereby strengthen the community.

The Pelham Art Center strives to create a friendly and community-based setting that offers access to free exhibits and affordable classes that serve a broad range of participants with diverse backgrounds, varying income levels and age groups. The goal is to encourage ALL people to participate in family-friendly art experiences by creating an environment of inclusiveness and diversity.


Board of Directors

Brian Bober, Chair
Lisa Koonce, President
Paula McKeever, Vice President
Christopher Eddy, Treasurer
Dana Diersen Buehrer, Secretary
Nandini Anandu
Jennifer Bland
Sona Davidian
Diane Essig
Katy Garry
Helena Grubesic
Robert Hemm
Brooke Jones
Kate Kerrigan
Barry Mason
Amy Todd Middleton
Michelle Monie
Daragh Murphy
Kate L. Pringle
Anupma Sethi
Christopher Tahbaz

Gallery Committee

Lisa Banner
Katy Garry
Lisa Koonce
Stacy Miller
Susan Nathenson
Kathy Rutsch
Elizabeth Saperstein
Candace Taubner
Nancy Warner

Emeritus Board

Andrea Bayer
Barbara Bratone
John Brice
Ellen Bruzelius
Annette Candido
Paula Canning
Barbara Carden
Sona Davidian
Nancy Davis
Nina Diefenbach
Missy Fink
Sally Green
Bill Jacobi
Paisley Kelling
John Kiernan
Pam Lent
Terry Martell
Gordon Medenica
Lavanya Misra
Barbara Mundy
Clue Noble
Rosalie Pavone
Diana Reische
Anna Riehl
Camille Romita
Peter Russillo
Kathy Rutsch
Nancy Warner
Tom Wertimer
Viv White