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Artist Club Exhibition 2022

April 7, 2022 - May 21, 2022



Pelham Art Center’s First Annual Artist Club Exhibition

Featuring a selection of recent works by members of the Pelham Art Center Artist Club, including artists in the Westchester/NYC/Hudson Valley regions.

About the Artist Club
The Pelham Art Center Artist Club was established in 2021 to connect and support exhibiting artists in the Westchester, NYC and Hudson Valley Regions. The Artist Club offers local artists opportunities to network and exhibit, as well as to participate in community engagement initiatives through art. Local artists interested in joining the Artist Club can enroll online at To learn more about all current members of the Pelham Art Center Artist Club, visit our Artist Directory.


Participating Artists

Tom Acevedo
Shahaan O. Azeem
Annette Back
Allison Belolan
Jenn Cacciola
Jennifer Cadoff
Kris Campbell
Heedan Chung
Diane Churchill
Mary Colby
B.A. D’Alessandro
Lisa D’Amico
Florence D’Angelo
Janice DeMarino
Hilda Green Demsky
Anne de Villemejane
Katharine Dufault
Sean “Flanels” Flanagan
Danielle DeVito Ganpat
John R Gilbert
Marianne Goldstein
Larry Gordon
Sharon Grotevant
Livia Gus
Shelley Haven
Mackenzie Heslin-Scott
Erika Hibbert
Alex W. Hutton
Dorothy Johnson
Amy Kanarek
Eric Kollin
Barbara Korman
Corinne Lapin-Cohen
Paige Lauren
Danielle LeBlanc
Rebecca Mills
Susan L. Nathenson
Anna Novakov (Mala Igla)
Patricia Pardini
Joyce Pommer
Victoria Rollet
Susan Saas
Scott Seaboldt
Rebecca Schwarz
Fran Sisco
Sylvia Vigliani
Paula Wood
Jaime Wright


Opening Reception: Thursday, April 7th 6:00-8:00pm

Free & Open to the Public

Artist Club Bazaar @ The Art Happening: Saturday, May 21st 12:00-3:00pm
Collect unique works by local artists! Browse prints & affordable art for sale inside the gallery during The Art Happening