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Fall Workshop

GOLDEN: Modifying Your Acrylic Color

This conversation explores the vast potential of GOLDEN’s highly loaded pigmented colors. The more pigment in your paint makes for intense colors that can be pushed further! Intense pigments are a good thing, making it possible to do more of what you do best, create art! There is never enough of a good thing. Learn to control drying time, so you will never again think acrylics dry too quickly. Discover how to extend your paint and create any desired textures and effects with Gels and Mediums. Demystify pigments and mix beautiful clean colors by experiencing the difference between mineral and modern pigments and how this relates to color mixing. This lecture also compares the slow drying OPEN to Heavy Body Acrylic Colors; Fluid to High Flow an ink-like consistency acrylic paint; as well introducing a wide variety of Grounds.

All participants receive a free packet of GOLDEN samples.