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Fall Class

Young Architects

  • Instructor: Rachel Krause
  • Ages: Youth 9 - 12
  • Day: Monday
  • Time: 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm
  • Dates: 09/25/2023 - 12/04/2023
  • Class not held on: 10/9/2023 & 11/20/2023
  • Sessions: 9
  • Fee: $280 / $252 Members
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Design and build cities from your imagination! As a group, students will collaborate to design and build a city together using a variety of mixed media such as wood, air dry clay, plaster, recycled materials, and collage. We will design structures and scenes from ancient towns or futuristic metropolises. Students will learn basic architectural terms and will be able to apply their knowledge to create forms for their big ideas. This class is great for innovators who are inspired to design environments and want to build models as a team and individually. At the end, students will be able to have photos of the models they’ve made collectively and be able to take home the parts they were “commissioned” to make on their own.