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Katie Fabel

Katie Fabel grew up in London where she began performing as a young child at venues such as Royal National Theatre, English National Opera, Royal Albert Hall and more. Her father ran a Shakespearean theater company so she & her many siblings had early exposure to classical theater and circus skills, but it was through singing in choirs throughout her childhood that really got her started. She later studied Musical Theatre at The Royal Academy of Music, alongside a singing teaching qualification, before making her West End debut in the Sound of Music. Moving to America in her early 20’s, her theatrical career now spans decades and she has appeared in theater and music theater across the USA, including Broadway, Off Broadway and wonderful venues across America and the UK.  She has also worked in Film, TV and Comedy, as an improviser and sketch artist, and has provided voice overs for many commercials, video games, and English language audiobooks.

Throughout her career she has worked with children extensively as a co-actor, chaperone, tutor, coach, nanny, voice teacher, parent, stage mom, choreographer, movement and voice workshop facilitator, and fun aunt. She specializes in vocal expression, physical freedom, confidence and nurturing each artists/actors/child’s individuality as a storyteller, and using art as an instrument for personal growth, joy and problem-solving. She also loves painting, writing, and has a 7 year old daughter, her favorite creative partner.


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