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Janine Logue

My name is Janine Logue, and I am the creator of whimsical designs and the owner of Enchanted Wishes Designs!

I grew up in a creative family, with a Mother who embroidered beautifully, a Father who was a master at mechanics, and an Older Brother who is a natural born artist.  Creativity was supported and encouraged in our family.

In 2010, I opened my first tiny brick and mortar store in Armonk, NY…144 sq. feet to be exact, and filled it with all my handmade “whimsical creations.”  That tiny shop was magic to me, and fulfilled a dream that I had for having my own retail shop.  That shop led to 3 more locations, one bigger and more fantastical than the others and that is when I started to teach my craft by hosting custom themed, hands-on creative workshops and birthday celebrations for girls of all ages.


Unicorn Doll Making

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