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Maria Campos

Maria Campos received her BFA at Mercy College with a concentration in Digital Illustration and Visual Development. She was born in the United States but spent most of her life growing up in Mexico. Maria is inspired everyday to make art because it gives her the ability to teach what she learns to other people. She began by looking through artbooks of concept art from her favorite animated movies. Concept artists like Glen Keane and Jim Kim, and the beautiful paintings of Frida Kahlo, is what keeps Maria inspired to learn and to teach every single day!

For the past year she has taught digital and traditional art to kids of all ages, where she pushes them to their full potential and guides them to develop their creative skills.


Comic Strips
Manga Illustrations
Future Graphic Designers
Digital Game Design
Digital Painting
Digital Creations
Digital Toons
All Things Animation
Drawing Manga
Comics & Cartooning
Digital Creations
Game Design
Visual Storytelling
Digital Coloring Sketches
Comics & Cartooning
The Art of Manga
Future Graphic Designers

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