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Victoria Rolett

Victoria Rolett is an artist and educator out of the tri-state area.  She holds a BFA from
MICA, an MFA from PAFA and maintains a studio at the artist collective Highbrook Studios in
Pelham, NY.  As a Freelance Art Educator she teaches all ages through a variety of programs,
leading Private Art Lessons, workshops, portfolio development, after-school classes, continuing
education and more.

In art education, she believes it is essential to teach students to observe carefully, think
critically, and communicate their ideas effectively while having fun.  She teaches a balance of
technique and concept as tools to utilize or morph as they see fit to address contemporary
concerns and questions.

As an artist, Victoria responds to sites that punctuate the world around her.  She is a
passionate, obsessive and untrained sociologist, analyzing and pulling apart the motifs of
architecture, spatial organization and these site’s histories. She attempts to break monotony of
conventional places by giving form to spaces unseen and unexpected. For more information,

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