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Artist Talk – HyperAccumulators Group Exhibit

March 2, 2019

2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Free and open to all ages!

Please join us for reflections by the artists, light refreshments, meet the curators, and explore our exhibit!

HyperAccumulators, a group exhibition that considers how contemporary artists explore connections between nature, toxicity, and the potential for regeneration. The show is inspired by imagery and stories about “hyperaccumulators” – plants capable of growing in soils with very high concentrations of metals.

“I feel like we have become HyperAccumulators dealing with the everyday environmental and political climate we are living in,” says curator Alexandra Brock. “The artists are taking in all this – and helping us return to a better state.”

Loaded in their use of color, surface and materials, the paintings, sculpture, mixed-media and site-specific works in HyperAccumulators engulf the galleries in a vibrant, lush, and futuristic landscape.