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Ceremonials: Magic, Myth, & Mother Nature – Opening Reception

April 25, 2024

6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


(*Featured artwork by Dorothy Johnson, Thu-Nhi Nguyen-Petit, Octavia Liku, Maxine Nodel, & Eve Pavlina)

Curated by the Teen Artist Council.

An ode to all things magic, myth, and mother nature, Ceremonials is the second annual pop-up exhibition curated by our Teen Artist Council (TAC)! With works selected from an open call for all ages, this exhibition celebrates the multidisciplinary work of over sixty local and international artists. The artwork in this exhibition embodies themes of the whimsical elements of nature, folklore, mysticism, and the metaphysical. 

Participating artists include: Ain Maule, Aislinn Weidele, Alejandra Hernandez, Annette Back, Anya Peri, Audrey Cruz, Avery Goodman, Blake Lee, Caleb Booth, Caser Mallett, Celine Park, Chloe McGibbon, Corinne Basabe, Dorothy Johnson, Elinore Reed, Elizabeth Borgatti, Eve Pavlina, Fabiola Angeli, Fannie Miller-Beard, Fiona Agababian, Ghost Antelmi, Hayley Bidwell, Hilda Green Demsky, Jahyun Bae, Jaime Wright, James Stamboni, Julia Snarr, Kass Gray, Kathryn Kuznetsov, Kristin Moore-Gantz, Lauren Dehler, Lilliana Ferrante, Maxine Nodel, Mike & Lee Depasquale, Nola Brooks, Octavia Liku, Renee Ai, Rick Weber, Rosa Van Zandt, Saroj Parmar, Sienna Perez, Sonika Gupta, Susan Saas, Sydney Paulose, Tara Janine Garcia, Tara Weishaupl, Thu-Nhi Nguyen-Petit, Tim Dose, Veronica Zhang, Xenia Chan

Please join us for the Opening Reception on Thursday, April 25th, from 6-8PM!

Please join us at 7PM during the Opening Reception for a Q&A Discussion panel with our featured teen artists & curators!

Panel participants include: Octavia Liku, Nola Brooks, Sydney Paulose, Sienna Perez, and Blake Lee


The Closing Reception will take place on Saturday, May 11th from 2-4PM.