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Flamenco and La Ida y Vuelta

March 3, 2018

1:30 pm - 3:30 pm

Flamenco Latino


Feel the heat of the summer approaching with the spicy rhythms and passionate flamenco dance by the group Flamenco Latino.

Dance and Music Performance and Hands-on Workshop
Free and Open to All Ages!

From 1:30-2:30 pm this exciting traditional dance will inspire you!  Pelham Art Center invites artists to take advantage of the passion and create flamenco movement drawings. For all others – enjoy the visuals, the footwork, the guitar sounds and learn about this exciting dance.

At 2:30, now that your pulse is up and creativity is flowing, have fun in a workshop where you will make a beautiful fan, using colorful papers and creative decorations.

This highly celebrated company has explored the
Ida y Vuelta styles of flamenco – an assimilation of Latino songs and rhythms by developed by flamenco artists in the late 1800s. The show begins with traditional flamenco, and includes demonstration and use of castanets, palmas (handclapping), and footwork sounds. It moves on to Ida y Vuelta styles, such as tangos, guajiras and rumba, pointing out what elements come from Latin cultures, and how the clave rhythm was adapted into flamenco.

Flamenco Latino
Basilio Georges is a flamenco guitarist, singer and composer who began in 1974 as a jazz and salsa musician. When his wife Aurora Reyes began studying flamenco dance in 1976, he soon followed on the guitar. They toured with Jose Molina Bailes Españoles from 1983-85, then lived and worked In Madrid, where Aurora danced at Corral de la Pacheca.

For many years they performed with Carlota Santana Flamenco Vivo and Andrea Del Conte Danza España, and produced many choreographies and compositions. Other artists they have performed with include Estrella Morena, Rosario Galan, Chuni Amaya, Jesule de Utrera, Juan Siddi, Antonio Granjero, Sebastian Roman, Jesus el Almendro, Rafael Fajardo, Concha Vargas, Antonio Hildalgo, Elena Andujar and Ivan Vargas.

Becky Mills is an artist and educator, and teaches regularly at the Pelham Art Center. Her creative enthusiasm will inspire participants to learn from and enjoy their art-making experience.