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Cacao Ceremony & Sound Bath (Sage Cacao x Ultralight Beam)

October 9, 2022

11:00 am - 1:00 pm

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Join us for an immersive gallery experience inside the Ultralight Beam exhibition curated by Rebecca Mills:

Full Moon Cacao Ceremony & Sound Bath Hosted by Sage Cacao

$44 to Attend – Limited Spots Available

Event is for Ages 18+


Drink chocolate in its most wholesome, native, 100% pure form–ceremonial cacao offers amazing benefits to the body and mind, opening the heart and energizing the spirit. This community circle is perfect for first encounters with ceremonial cacao; attendees are invited to learn about cacao as a traditional plant medicine and spiritual plant ally originating in Meso- and South America, and then experience a guided ceremony with Chynna Dee Andrada, Holistic Nurse and founder of Sage Cacao. The ceremony will culminate with a sonic healing bath, with crystal singing bowls providing pure frequencies to soothe the energetic and physical body.

Chynna Dee Andrada, Holistic Nurse & Founder of Sage Cacao


An herbal tea option is available for attendees who wish to enjoy the sound bath without drinking cacao.
Please plan to arrive 15-20 minutes early to check in & see the exhibition. Doors will close at the start of the event.


Visit to learn more.

Read more about Ultralight Beam here.

Please be advised that this event may not be suitable for those who are uncomfortable with loud or intense sound.

Please be advised that first-generation antidepressants contraindicate with tyramine in cacao but it is generally safe to consume cacao at lower doses between 10-20g. Second-generation antidepressants (SSRI’s) contraindicate with tryptophan in cacao but it is still generally safe to consume at lower doses.