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Teen Artists Panel Discussion

April 29, 2023

1:00 pm - 3:00 pm


Join Teen Artists for a discussion about their work in the exhibition “Mental Fragments” curated by the PAC Teen Artist Council.

The PAC Teen Artist Council curatorial team 2023 includes: Nola Brooks, Ain Maule, Amber Vizcarrondo-Abad, Natalie Nakayama, Kate Feldman, Violet Cleary, Nellie Koonce, Ghost Antelmi, Charlotte Cohn, Caser Mallett, and Cararose Vitale.

The curatorial team explored the theme of experiencing and going through changes, growing as a person, and experiencing a life metamorphosis. From the first day of school, leaving for college, into early adulthood, and beyond the coming of age, the story is layered, complex and about our human nature.

*image, Naiya Gonzalez-Breen, Garden, 36×48″Acrylic, oil pastels, chalk pastels, paint pens