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Virtual Studio Visit: Anki King

April 10, 2020

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm


Photo by Jason Bockli


Join Pelham Art Center on Zoom for a virtual studio visit with artist and curator Anki King.

About Anki King:

“I paint and sculpt life sized figures that act as symbols for feelings that can’t accurately be described in words. They are characterized by the object symbols with which they share space. Each figure, or fragment of a figure, stands still in readiness for a charged meeting with the viewer. The viewing activates a series of responses, where identity is projected onto the faceless figure, similar to a reflection that offers the gazer another view of him/herself. This frees the narrative from being contained within the subject matter of the artwork and allows it to exist in the viewing space.”

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Anki King, the previous Gallery Manager and teaching artist at the Pelham Art Center, will also be curating the Winter 2021 exhibition “With Every Fiber.”