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Virtual Studio Visit: Christina Massey

April 9, 2020

4:00 pm - 5:00 pm



Join Pelham Art Center on Zoom for a virtual studio visit with Christina Massey, Artist in Mixed Media Sculpture & Painting, Curator, and Founder of WoArt Blog.


About Christina Massey:

“Nature has always been very influential in my work and acts as a hidden agenda and representative aspect in my otherwise abstract work. The preservation of our environment and appreciation for nature reveals itself through my choice of materials and form. Be that from recycled found or collected objects to vaguely aerial landscapes or organic shapes that can resemble bugs or floral pods. Each work asks the viewer to stretch their imagination and invites their curiosity in a struggle to identify their marks, engaging in the creative process through the act of exploration of the Art.”

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Christina Massey is the co-curator for Domestic Brutes – the Fall 2020 exhibition at the Pelham Art Center focussing on the diversity and strength of female artists.