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Virtual Studio Visit: Mark Eisendrath

August 6, 2020

5:00 pm - 6:00 pm



Join Pelham Art Center for a virtual studio visit with Mark Eisendrath


Mark Eisendrath is a sculptor working primarily with wood. His experience as a sculptor began in his childhood, and he continues to explore innovative methods of working in the medium. 

Eisendrath’s recent abstract wall sculptures have seen the artist crosscut beams into tiles, using them to construct compositions that combine organic imperfection and geometric symmetry. The lively surfaces of his works incorporate textures and cracks which are then embellished by a variety of carving and finishing techniques. The sheer physicality of the resulting object can be seen as an exercise in formalism rooted in the simple pleasure of construction. Conversely, Eisendrath’s finely crafted structures explore the intersection of man and nature by employing a wide range of processes to evoke the shared space uniting the human spirit with the Earth’s multi-layered history.



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