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Virtual Studio Visit: Paul Michael Graves

May 7, 2020

5:00 pm - 6:00 pm



Join Pelham Art Center for a virtual studio visit with Paul Michael Graves


About Paul Michael Graves

Paul’s art is a meditation on our ability to understand complex systems through the imaginative eye. We understand and “see” the multidimensional by abstracting down into three- and two-dimensional representation. Physicists and mathematicians use the same faculties of abstract visualization as artists and designers.

His paintings quote graffiti and pop art of the 1980s while commenting on technology’s ever-increasing influence on contemporary culture. Paul’s technobabble resembles circuitry, urban systems, maps, formulas, and microbiology; inviting the viewer into an endless world of algorithm.

Paul was born in 1976 in California. He studied mathematics at the US Air Force Academy in Colorado and architecture at Columbia University in the City of New York where he currently lives and works.

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