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Alice Mizrachi’s “Renaissance Women”

July 9, 2024 - July 9, 2025


Pelham Art Center is pleased to announce the opening of a new public art installation located in the PAC courtyard, “Renaissance Women” by Alice Mizrachi! The public artwork will be exhibited now through July 2025!

“Renaissance Women is an abstract figurative sculpture that honors women of The Harlem Renaissance who paved the way for many artists today, including Mizrachi.  According to the artist, the contour line drawing style translates fluidly in this three-dimensional form and symbolizes the frequent use of musical improvisation during the Harlem Renaissance. “The flow of line is synonymous to the flow of jazz music. The hand forged steel sculpture is intimate and low profile to allow visitors to engage at eye level and connect in a visceral manner,” said Mizrachi.

She was introduced to artists of the Harlem Renaissance 25years ago by her mentor Russell L. Goings, a collector of art and a close friend of Romare Bearden. The sculpture was designed and produced as a decidedly feminine form representing vocalists like Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, and Lena Horne, visual artists, Elizabeth Catlett, and Augusta Savage, writers Dorothy West and Zora Neale Hurston, and jazz and blues musicians/composers Mary Lou Williams, and Alberta Hunter.”


“My work explores the interconnectedness of individuals and community through the dual lens of compassion and empathy.

Through figurative and decorative works, I reinforce both personal and community-oriented identity, I aim to inspire creative expression and a sense of shared humanity.

My public art works often engage local communities and reflect positive visual responses to social issues affecting neighborhood residents.

My process activates a space of love, hope, optimism and healing as a means to connect with people. Frequent topics include the sacred feminine, identity and migration. I strive to make art an inclusive experience.

Art is universal in its inherent ability to connect people from everywhere.”