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Drawing the Line curated by Nancy Nikkal

February 11, 2023 - April 2, 2023

Curated by Nancy Nikkal



PELHAM, NY. Pelham Art Center presents “Drawing the Line” curated by Nancy Egol Nikkal

February 11 – April 2 2023. 

DRAWING THE LINE includes 8 contemporary artists working in 2D and 3D drawings, paintings, collage, sculpture, assemblage, weaving and installation with lines, dots, circles, spirals, triangles and grids. The exhibition opens at Pelham Art Center on Thursday, February 16th 6-8PM. Artists include: Mia deBethune, Mary McFerran, Louise Cadoux,  Roger Mudre, Jennifer Cadoff, Eileen Hoffman, June Ahrens and TB Ward. 

Mia deBethune works in woven collage paintings exploring the grid, dots, dashes and visual organization. Residing in Hastings she is also a licensed art therapist and has been working in the field for over 20 years. Her paintings are created with encaustic and oil, weave in paper, plastic and natural fibers, redlining lines. Mary McFerran sews textiles, paper and up-cycled treasures into quilts, costumes, collages and installations. McFerran is attracted to combining elements that shouldn’t necessarily be put together, allowing them space to rest together uneasily. Her work also addresses stories about women, social issues, and nature. 

Louise Cadoux lives and works in Bridgeport, CT and Cotacachi, Ecuador. In Drawing the Line she will be exhibiting 2D and 3D maps made from wire, wool, wood and metal hardware, an innovative approach to line. Roger Mudre works with curvilinear lines as he shapes consciousness through the creative process. His graphite drawings will be exhibited at Pelham Art Center. Jennifer Cadoff created obsessive black and white drawings using ink, grids and collage. She is also a member of Crit LAb in Portchester, NY. 

Eileen Hoffman is an NYC based textile sculptor and feminist artist. She states “I use non-traditional materials to create a bridge between past textile traditions and more contemporary approaches. I reclaim the color pink.” June Ahrens is a NYC based sculptor and installation artist who attended Suny Purchase and Yale. Her installation in drawing the line is an assemblage with metal safety pins,paint and wire. TB Ward a painter and sculptor will be exhibiting assemblage pieces created from wire, wood, paper, paint and hardware.

The exhibition “Drawing the Line” redefines drawing, line, and expands thinking. Nancy Nikkal states “The artists were chosen for this exhibition because they are dedicated to their practice, have broad exhibition histories, and each has a large body of beautiful works that are perfect for the exhibition. DRAWING THE LINE will create a viewing experience for the audience that expands their understanding and appreciation for drawings created with mixed media. All of the works are hand-made and the range of media will expand the ways a viewer can see.” Read in depth artist interviews about this exhibition on her website.

About the Curator:

Nancy Nikkal

Nancy Egol Nikkal has been teaching the art of collage to adults for more than 30 years, including classes at the Pelham Art Center and exhibition-related collage workshops at William Paterson University (Wayne, NJ), the Newark Museum and the Morris Museum in NJ. Collage classes include demonstration, discussion and personal critique of works in progress.

Her current studio practice is painting with acrylic on canvas and collage with painted papers on canvas and panel. Her works are included in public, private, hotel and corporate collections throughout the United States, Canada, Japan, New Zealand and the Republic of Singapore.

She is a member of the Upstream Gallery in Hastings-on-Hudson, NY, the Society of Layerists in Multi-Media (Albuquerque, NM) and the Silvermine Guild of Artists (New Canaan, CT). She writes about creativity, collage, class projects, art and artists at See her works at