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Floating Imagery by Sui Park

September 14, 2018 - December 31, 2018

Pompom by Sui Park


Pelham Art Center is proud to annouce the new public artwork Floating Imagery in our courtyard by Sui Park. The work consists of five exciting creations that hang, lay and stand in different areas in the courtyard and around the art center.

Sui Park is an award winning New York based artist born in Seoul, Korea. Her work involves creating 3-dimensional flexible organic forms from mass produced industial materials like monofilament and cable ties. While these biomorphic forms resemble transitions and transformations of nature, they also capture subtle changes and evolution of emotions, memories and expectations.

The materials used are non-durable, disposable, trivial and easily consumed. While weaving and connecting these pieces Sui finds ways to make them organic visualizations that create lasting moments, evoking and encapuslating thought. In nature Sui finds what might be overlooked and invisible. The will take these findings and present it in an abstract and porous work that can be filled with our moments and discoveries.

Next year Sui’s work will be part of a traveling museum show The 5th Textile Art Today in Eastern Europe. She recently had a solo exhibition ‘Playing with Perception’ at Denise Bibro Fine Gallery in Chelsea, NY and a solo exhibition ‘Garden of Humans’ at Kingsborough Community College, CUNY, NY in March 2016. She has participated in over 70 exhibitions, Park’s artwork ‘SuiTable’ was acquired by Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art in United States in 2016.

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