Step by Step Watercolor Painting – VIRTUAL

01/27/2021 - 02/24/2021

Jackie Meier


Watercolor Supply List


I recommend the brand Winsor Newton; other brands are good as long as they are not student grade. When purchasing paint, avoid buying a color with the word HUE, as it indicates a lesser quality pigment.

– Cobalt Blue
– Ultramarine Blue
– Cerulean
– Phthalo Blue
– Cadmium Red Deep
– Cadmium Red Light
– Alizarin Crimson
– Cadmium Yellow
– Lemon Yellow
– Burnt Sienna


– One sable watercolor brush – Round size 6 or 7
– One sable watercolor brush – Flat 1/2inch wide for washes
– Optional: A squirrel brush with wire wrapped ferrule.

– Optional: One rigger or liner (a very thin/long shaped brush)


Students have the option of buying a watercolor pad (size: 9”x12”) or bigger sheets and cut it to size (9”x12”). 140 pound hot press (smooth), cold presses (medium texture) or rough sheets of paper – depending on your surface texture preference. I recommend Arches watercolor paper. Please do not purchase 90 pound paper, it’s too thin.