Morning Drawing & Painting (Thu)

01/27/2022 - 03/17/2022

The following materials are suggested. Art materials can be very personal, and each artist has their favorites. If you have materials that you like, use them. The listing contains basic, minimum and optional supplies, based on the level of interest, experience and economics.

The DRAWING AND PAINTING class covers drawing, and all painting media, so see the specific painting media you are interested in below. If you are unsure of what to get, bring pencil and paper to the first class and ask about the list.

BASIC: For those who have never painted before, the following is suggested: Pencil, white plastic eraser (Staedtler), 12×16 white drawing paper, tracing paper. OPTIONAL: transfer paper (Saral).

WATERCOLOR: Watercolor pad or block. Canson/Montvale cold press is the best all purpose, the Strathmore 400 series is OK. If you have used Arches and prefer it, use it. Brushes : #4, #8 white nylon sable watercolor brushes. White plastic palette, water container.

Magenta or Aliz Crim Cerulean Blue
Ultramarine Blue Perm. Green Lt
Sap Green Cobalt blue
Yellow Ochre Cadminum Yellow Dp
Burnt Sienna Winsor Red
Permanent Rose
Cadmium Yellow
Cadmium Red (Lt) White Gouache

OIL/ACRYLIC: One of the following: Primed hardboard, canvas board, stretched canvas, or canvas pad. (Acrylic paints can be used on heavy rag-content paper as well) Disposable palette paper (also known as freezer paper), variety of brushes: bristle and white nylon sable in rounds and brights. If using standard oil paint, you will need artists grade mineral spirits (Gamsol) and linseed oil and a small empty screw type glass jar for mixing them. If using water based oil or acrylic this is not needed.

Note: you can also get water-mixable or water-misable oil paint, checks labels. Companies make a linseed oil specifically for this paint, you cannot use regular linseed oil.

White (Large tube) Cerulean Blue
Alizarin Crimson Naples yellow
Permanent green lgt Winsor or Grumbacher Red
Ultramarine Blue Cadmium Green
Sap Green Mauve or a Violet
Cadmium Yel Med Cadmium Yellow Dp
Cadmium Red Light Cobalt blue