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Pelham Art Center – Artist Directory

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JoAnne Lobotsky

JoAnne Lobotsky is an American artist who builds her colorful, expressionistic paintings with layers and textures. The texture in her work is created by mixing acrylic paint with various gel mediums and pastes, sand, and sometimes other materials. Her work is driven by an intuitive process and experimentation toward a natural resolution in the finished work. Lobotsky grew up on a farm, so nature’s details, physicality and growth processes as well as landscape are her main inspirations. Lobotsky was a practicing artist in New York City and recently in the Hudson Valley for over three decades. She studied sculpture at the School of Visual Arts in New York City with the mentorship of Alice Aycock, Judy Pfaff and Elizabeth Murray and graduated with a BFA cum laude. She also studied printmaking at the University of Colorado at Boulder and painting at the Art Students League of New York. In the recent past she has had two solo shows and won several prizes in group shows for her work. Her work is in private collections in the US and Europe.

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Hayley Ferber

Hayley Ferber is an artist, educator, and curator living in Brooklyn, New York.  Operations Director at The Clemente Center, she supports a creative community of multidisciplinary artists. In her personal artistic practice, she explores nautical and maritime themes through artist books and printmaking.  She has exhibited her work at the Kalamazoo Book Art Center, 440 Gallery, LIC-A, Equity Gallery, Chashama, Pelham Art Center, Wickford Art Association, San Francisco Center for the Book, 92NY and Aqua Art Miami among others. With over 15 years of teaching experience, Hayley loves sharing her artistic passions and practices with her students and has taught workshops for the Swiss Institute, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, Brooklyn Public Library, Pelham Art Center and Gallery North. She was a resident artist at ChaNorth in 2021 and received her MAT in Art & Design Education from RISD and BS in Studio Art from NYU.

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Helayne Friedland

Helayne Friedland is a ceramic artist, printmaker, graphic designer, and native New Yorker. She earned her BFA from the School of Visual Arts in New York City. Helayne has been working with clay for over 30 years, exhibiting her work at both craft shows, and galleries. She has participated in ceramic workshops across the country, and had the amazing opportunity to work and travel throughout China as part of an artist residency at the Sanbao Art Institute in Jingdezhen. After a long career as a graphic designer, Helayne is currently working as a teaching artist. She enjoys teaching ceramics and visual arts to artists of all ages, and watching her students grow as they explore (and learn to trust) their own creativity. In her own studio, she works with both functional and decorative ceramic forms and incorporates printmaking techniques into her ceramic work.

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Jacqueline Davis

Jacqueline paints joyful, contemporary artworks in oils. She collects vintage pieces that often feature in still lives. She also paints landscapes and large florals. Her works are all connected by a deep appreciation of the beauty of the world. Originally from England, she gained a BA in Design and a Teaching certification in Manchester, UK. She worked in Graphic Design; led a Design and Technology department, then a small ceramics business before settling into painting. She recently returned to teaching painting within Adult Education. She loves to share her process and love for art history.

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Maxine Nodel

Maxine Nodel is an award-winning multi-media artist who fuses metamorphic extemporaneous design with classical aesthetics to create intimate and emotive imagery of the human form and nature, as well as intuitive visual interpretations of music in an ongoing series entitled, Seeing Sound. Maxine earned her B.F.A. from the Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art and exhibits and sells her work nationally and internationally. She currently works at her studio located at the Arts Westchester building in White Plains, NY.

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Kalin Monet Brown

I’m Kalin Monet Brown, aka K. Monet; a boy mom, pet mom of two cats, adventurer at heart, and self-taught Artist and Designer. Though art has always been my companion, it wasn’t until post-graduation from the NYIT in 2015 that I rediscovered it. Now, I create to share messages of encouragement, self-love, and resilience. Using diverse mediums, I utilize symbolism into my art to promote mental wellness and mindfulness. This journey has opened the door to showcasing my works across New York to Massachusetts but has also reconnected me with myself and forged meaningful connections with others.

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David Greene

A photograph is a “slice of time”. It allows the viewer not just to see what the lens sees at that precise moment, but also how the photographer feels about what truths the lens sees. This work, landscape, still life, animal life, or human life, represents how I want to share what my lens sees and what it may say to you. What do my photos say to you? What truths do they hold about the natural or human condition? I want my viewers to appreciate and interpret those truths and emotions and perhaps imagine themselves in the slice of time I’ve captured.


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Frankie (Aka Fran) Sisco

As a Visual Artist, I draw from creative techniques and strategies and art forms that I’ve developed as a multi-faceted artist in fields of writing (e.g. plays, stories, essays, non-fiction, songs, poetry, comedy, sketches, etc.), filmmaking, performance (e.g. stand-up comedy, acting, spoken word, singing, music), motivational talks, inventing, and radio hosting and interviews.  With respect to visual art, I use acrylic paintings and sculptures to try to explain concepts with which I am wrestling (such as personal confusion about gender, coping with change, getting through crisis, dealing with people and their differences, etc), in my quest for understanding, personal growth, and a better fit with the world around me, ultimately to be happier and true to my core self.

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Allison Ciampi

During my childhood, I started art classes in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. I learned to paint abstract, landscapes and still life. I love the journey of creating bold colorful pieces large in size. For many years I have painted as my personal hobby. For me, painting brings a balance of challenge, love, peace and happiness. A beautiful experience in itself – each and every time. Mark Rothko said it perfectly, “A painting is not a picture of an experience, but is the experience.”

Mary E Pargas

My paintings are representational, although not always based in reality, and executed in oil and acrylic. I paint to capture and share the extraordinary I find in what is considered mundane. A SoCal native, I received my B.A. in art from CSULB. Work since then has ranged from graphics and illustration to sign making, portraiture and printing all while continuing to draw and paint. We’ve been based in Pelham, NY since 1998. My work has appeared in juried exhibitions and in private collections in the US and Canada.


Meredith Keough

I am an artist/art teacher who creates beach inspired collages. My collages are made with hand painted papers that I create. I use acrylic paints and a variety of objects, brushes, and stencils to create textures and patterns. I also use leftover painted papers from my students in each of my collages.


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Chris Wright

Chris Wright received his BFA from the Pacific Northwest College of Art and his MFA from Pratt Institute. He has been awarded a Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant, a MacDowell Fellowship and a New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship in painting. He has had one person shows at the George Billis Gallery in New York City and Los Angeles. His work has appeared in the following publications: New American Paintings, New York Spaces Magazine and American Art Collector. Wright’s works on paper are included in the Pierogi Flat Files, New York City.


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Devora Lans

I am a fused glass artist with studios in both New Rochelle and Ocean Beach on Fire Island. I fell in love with fused glass in a Bullseye studio 14 years ago. I love the vibrant transparency of the medium and the endless versatility of what can be done in a kiln. I make both functional pieces as well as artistic work for both the home and garden.



Monique Ford

Monique Ford was born in Park Slope, Brooklyn in 1981. She grew up in Katonah, NY and received her Bachelor of Fine Arts at Plattsburgh State University, where she studied painting, drawing, photography and women’s studies. Continuing her studies in fine arts, she attended Pratt Institute where she received her Masters of Fine Arts in painting. Monique serves on the Katonah Museum Artists’ Association Board as Chair of exhibitions. Currently, Monique resides in Mount Kisco, NY where she lives and paints.


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Thomas R Acevedo

My goal with most every painting is to draw the viewer in, penetrate the forth wall and invite the viewer to participate .If some one can not see the story, their eye might be drawn in by something “shiny” .
So much of my work has to do with inner growth and spiritual shortcomings. If a painting can be an affirming nod and a hand on the back I want to represent that .
My goal in Painting is to be all inclusive, providing a never ending story to whoever’s looking at a painting .

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Annette Back

From Germany, Back explored her artistic abilities at an early age. Her family moved to NY, where she attended SVA after high school. A career in graphic/web design ensued, culminating in Back running her own Design Firm.

In a quest to discover her own voice rather than catering to clients, Back found herself craving the feeling of a paintbrush. Back tells visual stories inspired by experiences, current events and nature. A composition could be a figure conveying an emotion or moment, a geometrically infused landscape, or the beauty of an eye. They often include text, photographs and words.

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Kathleen Benton

Kathleen Benton, Yonkers, NY Drawing, Painting, Mixed Media

MA – New York University, New York, NY

BFA – The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH

Ford Foundation Grant

Recently my art practice themes consider nature and the effects of climate change.

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Jennifer Cadoff

I make abstract ink drawings on watercolor paper, using a limited number of repetitive marks (scribble, dots, tiny circles, lines). The finished drawings range in size from miniature (3×3 inches) to monumental (6 feet or more across). I also make layered and pieced work from cut or ripped bits of drawings; work that incorporates techniques of hand-made books; and other work, sometimes 3D, of cut and folded paper.


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Kris Campbell

This is not your grandmother’s needlework.
This is large scale translucent tapestry made with craft yarn on an open weave that’s as big as the trees.
This is Kris Campbell Art.


Artist Website

Diane Churchill

Churchill is a painter living in Nyack with a studio at the Garner Arts Center in Garnerville, NY. She is an abstract painter whose primary intent is harnessing the power of color. She paints on both canvas and paper, utilizing gold leaf, mica and other reflective materials as well as iridescent paint.

She exhibits frequently in Rockland County and New York City. Her most recent solo show, “Pages From A Lost Book” was at the Rockland Center for the Arts in West Nyack in May, 2021.

Artist Website

Corinne Lapin-Cohen (StoneHouse Studio)

After painting traditional botanical watercolors for 20 years, I am currently working in oil paint and mixed media creating abstracted works on canvas and paper. My current works are unplanned, with each brushstroke and addition of color leading to what comes next. They are open-ended improvisations. My process of glazing thin layers of single pigments continues in my oil paintings much as it did for 20 years in my botanical watercolors. I live in Katonah, NY, serve on The Katonah Museum Advisory Board, and teach botanical watercolor painting in my studio, StoneHouse Studio.



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Marie Hines Cowan

Marie Hines Cowan is a figurative oil painter marrying mythology with colloquial culture. Her work is narrative, life-sized, and representational, though unconstrained by realism. Hines Cowan’s work is bold, colorful and painterly, but also graphic and illustrative. She has been exhibiting in the US and Europe since 1979. She is involved in art groups such as the National Association of Women Artists, the Portrait Society of America, and Katonah Museum of Art Artist Association. Her paintings and poetry have been published in several literary and art journals as well as academic books.

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Lisa D'Amico

Every new painting is a deep breath. A new beginning to tell a story using color and creativity. I strive to translate and provoke the world around me through my fascination with color and composition and the struggles that occur between them. My creative process usually begins with a series of sketches, which serve as my catalyst. The techniques for the actual artwork often involve building up areas of color and texture through many layers of paint, latex, compounds and resin. My art, whether portraits, abstracts, or animals connects the viewer to my world of experiences and tells a story.


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Janice S. DeMarino

I received my MFA from Hunter College and have exhibited throughout United States.
I am motivated to explore my perceptions through abstraction, and have worked with a variety of two-dimensional media including painting, papermaking and encaustics. Both my encaustic paintings and my handmade paper pieces have taken the form of mixed media collage. My large acrylic paintings on paper are part of the work that I am currently doing and also include collage elements.

Danielle DeVito - Pencil Projects Architecture Studio

With over 15 years in the architecture and construction industry, Danielle has been involved in a variety of project types. The firm produces art work that is a combination of visuals, technical perspectives, renderings, material collages and multi-media pieces highlighting the multi-faceted architecture discipline. Danielle also founded Curating Kids, a safe place for kids to be creative and have the opportunity to learn about Architecture and how it relates back to our community.

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Gail Dressner (Livia Gus)

Much of my work is influenced by my concern for the welfare of this planet and my respect for Nature. I express my desire for a cleaner more sustainable environment by using fantasy, humor, bold color and magnification in my art works.
I am troubled by the worsening condition of mankind, and amazed and sometimes frightened by modern technologies, scientific advancement and man’s quest for power. These topics appear regularly in my paintings.
I have appeared in juried exhibits in the tri-state area. My work was represented in The Katonah Museum of Art and I won Best in Show in Ossining.

Cynthia Fazekas

A lifelong visual artist working primarily in two-dimensional media, my work draws on my love of the wildness of the natural world and how connecting to it can invoke peace, wonder, renewal, and perhaps something otherworldly. Through my work, I seek to draw the audience into these moments of awe and oneness and share my most sacred and restorative spaces through landscapes both real and imaginary, with forms that can lean literal or more simplified yet expressive.

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Newton Florentino

I work with oil, acrylic, and charcoal. In 2001, I decided to dedicate 100% of my creativity to fine arts. Painting, sculpture, are my life. I like to make art captivate minds and intrigue one’s imagination. I have explored the beauty of the human figure. I think my paintings communicate through their expressive qualities because I put my soul into them. My vital subject is figurative. I love to paint people in different situations. Over the years, I have become attached to my paintings, and I am now excited to present my creativity and artistic style to the world. I hope you enjoy it!


Artist Website

Shelley Haven

Fascinated by the fragile beauty and awesome power of nature, Shelley’s artworks explore, chronicle and share journeys of discovery in our natural world – through painting, drawing and printmaking mediums, and video and print collaborations. Awards include a 2021 City Artist Corps grant, 2020 and 2018 BRIO painting grants, 2019 Wave Hill honorarium and 2017 Hudson River Museum’s Teaching Artist Residency. Her 2019 solo exhibition, The Architecture of Nature, was presented at Wave Hill. Shelley’s work is exhibited and collected widely in the US and abroad.

Artist Website

Erika Hibbert

Erika Hibbert is a South African visual artist based in New York City. Her artworks are intimate expressions of her experiences living and working on foreign soil, drawing on themes of dislocation, migration, alienation, nostalgia, and belonging. Hibbert works in charcoal, oxides, inks, pigments, soil and oil paint and beeswax on canvas and paper or panel, as well as in the print media of lithography, etching and photography. Her new artworks continue to combine the visceral and the abstract, the somatic and the conceptual, in an endless tug between physicality and spirituality.



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Alex Hutton

I’ve worked my entire life as a theater artist, designing and painting for regional theaters and, for the last 25 years of my career, on Broadway shows as a member of United Scenic Artists, local 829. At the same time I’ve also produced a large body of oil paintings, mostly portraits done for friends and family. Shortly after retiring from the union, my focus has shifted to abstract work in 3 dimensions. I may yet return to the easel, but for now I find I am consumed by the exploration of pure form and color using bamboo and fabric.

Artist Website

Amy Kanarek

Amy is intrigued by the infinite possibilities she sees in the colors, shapes and textures of tiny glass seed beads, and the way in which they can be woven together with gemstones and pearls to create elegant wearable art jewelry. She spends countless hours weaving beads using various stitching techniques, and gets an amazing sense of satisfaction from the process and the finished product. She is inspired by vintage jewelry, and by more modern sleek lines as well. Amy’s work brings beadwork to a level of artistry and sophistication not often matched in this medium.

Artist Website

Eric Kollin

I spent my undergrad education studying at SUNY Purchase, and The School of Visual Arts. After pursuing Commercial Illustration work, and some shows, I left the art field as a commercial venture, but never stopped painting. After years as a Teacher, Staff Developer, and Technology Coordinator in the NYCity Public Schools, I have retired, and have started to devote more time to developing my art and illustration. It is exciting to be able to share artistic passion and ideas with others.

Artist Website

Kevin Madden

As an artist, I am at my most creative when my eyes are closed. It is in this state, free from external stimuli, that images and ideas can freely float up from my unconscious. Some come fully formed as afterimages of an intense visual experience. Others as mere hints of form, line, shape, or color. Often they contain suggestions of methods or processes for their completion.

Artist Website

Kathleen Nesi

I’m a mixed media artist working in acrylic paint, woodburning, bookmaking, weaving, encaustics and collage (specifically Notan).

My work is layered with bright, bold color, natural objects, patterns, text, symbols and ephemera. The process of layering color, pattern and object invoke the same feelings of joy and exploration that I felt as a child. I want my art to exude a sense of curiosity, peace and calm to the audience with a connection to the natural world.

Artist Website

Patricia Pardini

Patricia Pardini has a BFA from School of Visual Arts and has been painting for over 20 years. She has also worked as a graphic designer for many of those years. Both disciplines have been intertwined to influence her current artwork. Her work is sometimes traditional, sometimes abstract or a combination of both. She has exhibited in group shows in Soho as well as in local galleries. She has also illustrated several books. Patricia has done many commissions and has work in private collections.


Artist Website

Joyce Pommer

Joyce Pommer was born in Quincy, MA and studied at The Academy of Art College in San Francisco and the The Art Institute of Boston. She has exhibited widely in solo, group shows and art fairs in New York and across the country; her work is in numerous private collections and is in the collection of Southwest Minnesota State University Art Museum. Her work is included in the recently published book The Language of Making by the Textile Study Group of New York, Art Folio 2020 book and Blink ADC Fine Art 2020 catalog. Joyce lives in New York City with a studio in Long Island City, NY.


Artist Website

Rebecca Schwarz

Rebecca Berins Schwarz is a New York-based artist who was born and raised in New Orleans. After studying Fine Arts at the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts, she received a BFA in Advertising Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology and worked for several years as an art director and graphic designer. She then attended Teachers College, Columbia University, where she earned an MA in Art and Art Education. She has been teaching Art and Graphic Design since 2002 in Westchester County, New York. She is currently a member of the New Rochelle Art Association.

Artist Website

Debbie Silberberg

I am a self taught up cycling artist who uses the treasures I find unearthed in my backyard. I combine pieces of glass, pottery plastics, sea shells and car parts with needlework I learned from my grandmother to create one of a kind pieces. My work has been shown in the Hudson Valley, New Jersey and Chicago.

Artist Website

Paige Trocchia

Paige’s whimsical, tranquil artistic style produces designs that elicit strong emotions.
The color contrast and vivid lines of her work make her art stand out. She uses pen and
markers as her primary medium. As an illustrator, Paige’s inspiration comes from a
variety of sources, including the logos of businesses, her environment and popular
trends. When it comes to art, Paige loves to show that the possibilities are endless and
the canvas can be anywhere. In 2021, she published a coloring book called “Make Up The Coloring Book,” that can be purchased on Amazon.

Artist Website

Sylvia Vigliani

Combining a career of teaching art in the US and overseas, Sylvia received training in sculpture at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Torino, and subsequently earned a residency in Pietrasanta at the Sem Ghelardini Marble Laboratory. She was also awarded sculpture and photography residencies in the Burren, Ireland, the Instituto di Santa Reparata in Florence, Vermont Studio Center and the Master Workshop at Southampton College. Formal training in sculpture included MA and CAS from NYU. Continuing studies include painting at ASL and NYAA. Sylvia has exhibited widely in the U.S. and Europe.



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