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Pelham Art Center – Artist Directory

Listed artists are members of the Pelham Art Center Artist Club

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Meera Agarwal

Rye (NY) based Meera Agarwal is an artist and art instructor. Meera has been painting for three decades and works in oil, acrylic & mixed media. Her award-winning paintings are both representational and abstract, influenced by places, people & their unique stories. Her work is routinely juried into prominent exhibits in the tri-state area. She is also a certified Art-o-Mat (art vending machines) artist. Meera teaches painting in after-school programs and conducts workshops. She also volunteers her time with the Rye Arts Center, India Cultural Center and Carver Center teaching the underserved.



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Jessica Alazraki

Jessica Alazraki was born and raised in Mexico City and is based in N.Y.C. since 1998. In 2020 she was awarded by the Queens Art Fund the New Work Grant recipient and she completed the Trestle Art Space Residency Program. In 2019 participated in the ARTWorks fellowship at JCAL and, Creative Capital N.Y.C. “El taller program.” Her work got published in a few publications, including New American Paintings, No. 152, Northeast Issue. The Diane Etienne Founders Award, from Stamford Art Association, 2020.


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Allison Belolan

Allison is a mixed media artist working mainly in collage and observational drawing. Emotional connections to the environment inspire her recent abstract landscape work. Allison’s work has been shown in galleries across the United States, in online galleries and shops, including, local New York markets, and social media and print publications. She lives and works in Mamaroneck, New York.



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Gabriela Bornstein

I’m a Brazilian artist, graphic designer and creative director. I’m also an independent illustrator and painter. My latest project is called NYC Underground Portrait Series and it was created to spread the love and share the appreciation for others around us. I sketch people in the NYC subway and reproduce my drawings on silk screen or linoleum block and print them on tote bags, t-shirts, coats, paper and canvas. In times of distractions and intolerance, my work invites us to reflect, celebrate, honor and value diversity.


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Jenn Cacciola

Jenn Cacciola imagines the person as place, and places as people. She recreates identity as a guest house, where viewers can roam around, open doors, and become lost. Her work gives pain a comfortable place to be around people by focusing on how factors like isolation, aging, and vulnerability affect our knowing one another. It takes form in tapestry, painting/drawing, printmaking, and installation. She’s been awarded residencies at Manassas National Battlefield Park, Sheen Center, Socially Distant Art, Cel del Nord, and World of Co. She is a NYC Crit Club member, Openings Collective curator, and the Program Director for Ice Cream Social in Port Chester, NY.


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Jennifer Cadoff

I make abstract ink drawings on watercolor paper, using a limited number of repetitive marks (scribble, dots, tiny circles, lines). The finished drawings range in size from miniature (3×3 inches) to monumental (6 feet or more across). I also make layered and pieced work from cut or ripped bits of drawings; work that incorporates techniques of hand-made books; and other work, sometimes 3D, of cut and folded paper.


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Kris Campbell

This is not your grandmother’s needlework.
This is large scale translucent tapestry made with craft yarn on an open weave that’s as big as the trees.
This is Kris Campbell Art.


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Corinne Lapin-Cohen (StoneHouse Studio)

After painting traditional botanical watercolors for 20 years, I am currently working in oil paint and mixed media creating abstracted works on canvas and paper. My current works are unplanned, with each brushstroke and addition of color leading to what comes next. They are open-ended improvisations. My process of glazing thin layers of single pigments continues in my oil paintings much as it did for 20 years in my botanical watercolors. I live in Katonah, NY, serve on The Katonah Museum Advisory Board, and teach botanical watercolor painting in my studio, StoneHouse Studio.



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B.A. D'Alessandro

B.A. D’Alessandro has created sculptures in a variety of materials, but is now concentrating on steel. Steel lends itself well to straight lines, angles and curves; the influence of geometric shapes is apparent in her sculptures. Taking “pre-formed” stock pieces of steel, the artist arranges and organizes them to create strong, balanced structures. Painting them black gives each its own elegance. Adding color in the past few years to selected pieces has given them a new boldness.



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Lisa D'Amico

Every new painting is a deep breath. A new beginning to tell a story using color and creativity. I strive to translate and provoke the world around me through my fascination with color and composition and the struggles that occur between them. My creative process usually begins with a series of sketches, which serve as my catalyst. The techniques for the actual artwork often involve building up areas of color and texture through many layers of paint, latex, compounds and resin. My art, whether portraits, abstracts, or animals connects the viewer to my world of experiences and tells a story.


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Florence D'Angelo (StudioXFlo)

Florence D’Angelo was born in the Philippines in 1982. She is a self-taught visual artist living and working in Peekskill, New York. Although artistic most of her life she has only recently began publicly showing work in 2019 throughout her local community and the tristate area. Her current work focuses on colorful, abstract landscapes on canvas, wood panel or paper.



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Danielle DeVito - Pencil Projects Architecture Studio

With over 15 years in the architecture and construction industry, Danielle has been involved in a variety of project types. The firm produces art work that is a combination of visuals, technical perspectives, renderings, material collages and multi-media pieces highlighting the multi-faceted architecture discipline. Danielle also founded Curating Kids, a safe place for kids to be creative and have the opportunity to learn about Architecture and how it relates back to our community.

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Hilda Green Demsky

Hilda Green Demsky has a BFA Degree in Painting & Design from Carnegie Mellon University and a Masters Degree in Art Education from Hunter College. She has had numerous fellowships and art residencies throughout the world including a Fulbright Fellowship to The Netherlands, and a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship to paint in Italy. These awards enabled her to focus her art on issues of the environment, the cosmos, and the joy of expressing herself in paint.


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Louise Engongoro

Mixed media abstract artist and printmaker working in various media including oil, acrylic and collage. Member of Mamaroneck Artist Guild, New Rochelle Arts Association and Pelham Art Center.



Sean Flanagan

“My art revolves around duality; oscillating between automatic drawing and chance encounters with careful attention to draftsmanship. I explore surreal subjects that reveal themselves and search hidden truths throughout my process.”



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Newton Florentino

I work with oil, acrylic, and charcoal. In 2001, I decided to dedicate 100% of my creativity to fine arts. Painting, sculpture, are my life. I like to make art captivate minds and intrigue one’s imagination. I have explored the beauty of the human figure. I think my paintings communicate through their expressive qualities because I put my soul into them. My vital subject is figurative. I love to paint people in different situations. Over the years, I have become attached to my paintings, and I am now excited to present my creativity and artistic style to the world. I hope you enjoy it!


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Marianne Goldstein

Marianne Goldstein is a native of New York City and now resides in New City, New York. .She is inspired by her love of the ocean, lakes, flowers and the every day beauty that surrounds us. In portraiture, Marianne can capture the essence of each subject, especially the depth of the eyes which she believes are the windows of the soul. Acrylic, watercolor, pastel are her mediums of choice and occasionally she uses pencil. She exhibits and sells her work online at Saatchi Art and at local galleries and shows.
She has won prizes for her art and she has been accepted into many juried shows.

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Larry Gordon

Larry Gordon, founding principal of an architectural firm, received his Bachelor of Architecture from The Cooper Union School of Art and Architecture and his M. Arch from MIT on a Compton Fellowship. His love of painting dates back to his attendance at Music & Art High School in NYC. and The Art Students League of New York. He was adjunct Associate Professor at New York Institute of Technology and a visiting critic at City University. His work can been found in both gallery solo and group shows, as well as in private collections.



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Erika Hibbert

Erika Hibbert is a South African visual artist based in New York City. Her artworks are intimate expressions of her experiences living and working on foreign soil, drawing on themes of dislocation, migration, alienation, nostalgia, and belonging. Hibbert works in charcoal, oxides, inks, pigments, soil and oil paint and beeswax on canvas and paper or panel, as well as in the print media of lithography, etching and photography. Her new artworks continue to combine the visceral and the abstract, the somatic and the conceptual, in an endless tug between physicality and spirituality.



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Eric Kollin

I spent my undergrad education studying at SUNY Purchase, and The School of Visual Arts. After pursuing Commercial Illustration work, and some shows, I left the art field as a commercial venture, but never stopped painting. After years as a Teacher, Staff Developer, and Technology Coordinator in the NYCity Public Schools, I have retired, and have started to devote more time to developing my art and illustration. It is exciting to be able to share artistic passion and ideas with others.

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JoAnne Lobotsky

The primary hallmark of JoAnne Lobotsky’s work is highly textured surfaces on paper. The texture in her layered collages is built through acrylic paint, various gel mediums, textured paper, layering of paper, corrugated cardboard, and sometimes sewing trim, fabric and yarn. Imperfection, abjectness and roughness coinciding with beauty and a kind of humble elegance are Lobotsky’s main goals. She has been a practicing artist in NYC for over three decades and has shown in the United States and Europe. Her work is in several private collections.



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Piko Lowenstein

Working in New York for a lifetime, I am a Multi-media artist and owner of Stone Lion Graphics & Artistry. Through the use of photography, sculpture, painting and prints I create work that thoughtfully and provocatively engages the viewer in issues of gender communication and equality as it affects the development of children and society as a whole. I challenge myself to develop pieces that provoke reflection and self reflection on what the pure definition of equality is and it how stereotypes and communication can impact the perception of equality.

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Lynellen Nielsen

I have always been inspired by the colors and textures in the natural world around me. I tend to see interesting perspectives and shapes in everyday scenes, and love using saturated color, amplified contrast, and exaggerated movement to enhance unique natural patterns and composition. My art is a snapshot of my emotions and thoughts at the time I am creating it. I rarely explain my intent, preferring to let the viewer’s individual experiences and imagination shape their interpretation of my work.


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Patricia Pardini

Patricia Pardini has a BFA from School of Visual Arts and has been painting for over 20 years. She has also worked as a graphic designer for many of those years. Both disciplines have been intertwined to influence her current artwork. Her work is sometimes traditional, sometimes abstract or a combination of both. She has exhibited in group shows in Soho as well as in local galleries. She has also illustrated several books. Patricia has done many commissions and has work in private collections.


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Joyce Pommer

Joyce Pommer was born in Quincy, MA and studied at The Academy of Art College in San Francisco and the The Art Institute of Boston. She has exhibited widely in solo, group shows and art fairs in New York and across the country; her work is in numerous private collections and is in the collection of Southwest Minnesota State University Art Museum. Her work is included in the recently published book The Language of Making by the Textile Study Group of New York, Art Folio 2020 book and Blink ADC Fine Art 2020 catalog. Joyce lives in New York City with a studio in Long Island City, NY.


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Victoria Rolett

Victoria Rolett completed her BFA at MICA, the Maryland Institute College of Art and her MFA at PAFA, the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine arts. Victoria is currently serving on the Gallery Advisory Board at the Pelham Art Center and is part of the art studio collective, Highbrook Studio’s in Pelham. In her art Victoria takes a close look at the way we shape our spaces and landscapes and the values and messages that are evident in them. She then formulates artworks that respond and utilize these observations to talk about historical preservation, social values and climate change.



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Rebecca Schwarz

Rebecca Berins Schwarz is a New York-based artist who was born and raised in New Orleans. After studying Fine Arts at the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts, she received a BFA in Advertising Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology and worked for several years as an art director and graphic designer. She then attended Teachers College, Columbia University, where she earned an MA in Art and Art Education. She has been teaching Art and Graphic Design since 2002 in Westchester County, New York. She is currently a member of the New Rochelle Art Association.

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Madison Catherine Sheppard

Madison C. Sheppard is a self-taught visual artist living and working in Tarrytown, New York. Starting in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) as a User Experience Designer, she only recently began publicly showing work in her local community. Her current work focuses on exploring humanity and femininity with watercolor, charcoal, and graphite.


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Sylvia Vigliani

Combining a career of teaching art in the US and overseas, Sylvia received training in sculpture at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Torino, and subsequently earned a residency in Pietrasanta at the Sem Ghelardini Marble Laboratory. She was also awarded sculpture and photography residencies in the Burren, Ireland, the Instituto di Santa Reparata in Florence, Vermont Studio Center and the Master Workshop at Southampton College. Formal training in sculpture included MA and CAS from NYU. Continuing studies include painting at ASL and NYAA. Sylvia has exhibited widely in the U.S. and Europe.



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