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Call For Curators



Pelham Art Center accepts proposals to be considered for group exhibitions in our gallery, and solo and group exhibition proposal are accepted as part of our Public Art initiatives: PAC Courtyard and Wolfs Lane Park. See more information below

Guest Curator Application Process

Applications for Guest Curators are reviewed on an annual basis and kept on file for up to 2 years.

Selected Curators will be expected to work independently and be self motivated in developing their proposals.   Curators will have access to the team at Pelham Art Center and support from volunteers if requested.

All resources and equipment in the gallery will be made available for the curator including but not limited to the following;

  • Marketing & Graphics.
  • Website and social Media representation and assistance.
  • Installation with a professional art installer as well as de-installation assistance
  • Support on logistics and theme from Pelham Gallery staff
  • Opening Reception and additional public program

The curator’s role can be described as follows:

  • To develop and communicate the concept for an art presentation and conceptualize the manner in which this art can be presented to the public;
  • To be a liaison between the Pelham Art Center and the artist(s),  making sure the needs and requirements of artists and the institution are met
  • Curators will follow up with artists to ensure that the artists’ work is in line with the vision of the exhibition’s theme or mission.

What we are looking for.

  • Curatorial Ideas that show relevant, cultural significance
  • Feasibility of the show based on budgetary and time constraints and gallery space.  (See Floor Plan)
  • A proposal that includes a group of artists (we currently do not accept solo exhibition proposals)
  • All curated show themes and participating work are contingent upon Gallery Advisory Committee approval.  The gallery space is an entrance to studio space shared by children and adults and the exhibit must be suitable for a wide range of viewers.

To submit a proposal, email the Gallery & Events Manager at: [email protected]

Subject line: “Curatorial Submission  NAME  Month/Year”

Provide the following info in a single, multi-page pdf:

Make sure your letter includes:

  • A short Curator proposal (150-300 words)
  • Contact Information
  • Information on the proposed work or the scale of the project.
  • Information on proposed participating artists including artist bios and images for each artist showing style and subject in which artist typically works.

Stipends will be available for the Guest Curator and participating Artists.  Amounts will depend on availability of Grant funding