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New Classes, Workshops & Camps This Spring at Pelham Art Center! Registration Now Open

Registration is now open for Pelham Art Center’s Spring 2022 semester. Classes and workshops are offered for youth ages 5 and up,  as well as high-school & adult students.  Pelham Art Center classes are immersive creative experiences led by professional teaching artists. Each class introduces an artistic medium in depth through guided projects suited to artists of all skill levels. The Art Center also offers Spring Break camp the week of April 11th where kids can enjoy creative enrichment in a variety of ways. 

Complete class details and registration can be found at Spring 2022 courses are as follows:


Adult/High-School Classes

Collage with a variety of papers, media and adhesives while discussing art theory and history

Visualize and record the world in and around you with colorful watercolor expressions

Students with prior experience can continue advancing their ceramics skills

Learn the classical method of painting a still life with oils through a step-by-step layering process

Hone your drawing skills and learn how to create realistic 3-dimensional drawings

Expand your artistic boundaries with non-objective, non-figurative painting exercises

Produce your own SLA-printed objects and learn about 3D scanning, modeling, UV resin and more.

Develop artistic knowledge with individual attention to take your artwork to the next level

Make embroidered textile artwork that celebrates the arrival of spring

Cover foundational drawing concepts as you practice observational still-life drawing 

Create functional and sculptural ceramic artworks while experimenting with color, texture, and pattern

Develop artistic knowledge with individual attention to take your artwork to the next level

Get more studio time and share the workspace with other artists!

Paint from life and develop oil painting and portraiture skills


Youth Art Classes

Learn about and create folk art from India, Mexico, and more!

Develop narratives, characters and illustrations in your own comic adventure!

Learn clay hand building techniques to achieve endless possibilities in clay

Express yourself through poetry in its many forms. Then embellish your poem to make it a work of art!

Develop ceramic skills by working with different ceramic techniques, tools, and glazes

Construct different types of paper mache masterpieces with this versatile medium

Get scientific as we learn the chemistry of making our own paint, slimes, crystals, bath bombs, and more!

Practice observational skills with fun drawing exercises using a variety of materials

Create original artworks after being inspired by the wonderful stories of Eric Carle, Dr. Seuss, and more.

Master the step-by-step process of 3D modeling and design your own SLA print!

Dive into the world of sea life and construct a large-scale sea creature mobile. 

Discover famous Op Art and create a mixed media painting that bewilders the eye

Model your imagination with colorful clay and bring it to life with stop motion animation software!


Spring Break Art Camp! 

Monday-Friday, April 11th-15th, 2022

Practice yoga, meditation and breathing techniques to build confidence, strength and self-awareness

Read children’s stories about  great artists, then play and experiment with projects influenced by them

Explore the sensory and imaginative fun of clay as we experiment with different tools and techniques. 

Nature, anatomy, chemistry, physics and astronomy will educate and inspire amazing art projects

Build classical hand-building and wheel throwing skills to make a one-of-a-kind ceramic creation



Workshops at Pelham Art Center offer unique opportunities to explore different artmaking methods. All skill levels are welcome to come enjoy these guided creative experiences. Spring Workshops at Pelham Art Center include:

Experience the Zen process of Japanese Suminagashi technique as you create custom designed papers

Learn the basics of Chinese brush painting materials and techniques, and explore Xie-Yi “spontaneous” style. 

Make customized textile patterns for pillows, bags, tea towels, and more that you can then have manufactured!

Craft delightful 3D paper flowers for a special handmade Mothers’ Day bouquet 

Tune into your inner artist’s unique creative process while exploring different printing and collage techniques.

Discover the vast potential of GOLDEN materials and how to use them to achieve different textures and effects

Experiment with the artistic possibilities of slime in this tactile, sensory workshop for kids

Combine breath and flowing movements to cleanse and recharge the body and mind. 

Create a customized wearable necktie and Father’s Day card that he will treasure forever!



Pelham Art Center offers need-based, full and partial scholarships for all students. Scholarships are awarded based on available funds – apply now. High-school students are eligible for the David Uskali scholarship regardless of need. Visit our scholarship page for more information and applications.